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The AIM of MARSADEV Project

The aim of the initiative is to develop and support activities that improve the living conditions of the Bedouin rural communities living in the Northwest region of Matrouh Governorate in Egypt.



The project strategy will focus on approaches that intend to satisfy both interventions on land reclamation, introduction of sustainable technologies for better agronomic management of the field crops and orchards and sustaining the community livelihoods.

Furthermore, a significant component of the project concerns innovation and research, and reinforcement of women's role within the concerned communities.



MA 1 Land and Water management

Increase water storage capacity through the construction of cisterns and rehabilitation of roman cisterns, land reclamation by wadi rehabilitation and semicircular water capture.

MA 2 Agronomic aspects and development of olive, figs and vegetable value chains

Improving fig and olive orchard production (supplementary irrigation, pruning methods, organic fertilization, and bio-protection).

MA 3 Post-harvesting management

Improve post harvesting methodologies and processes of the main agricultural products of the area; figs and olives.

MA 4 Gender conditions improvement

Improve women's conditions in some pilot areas according to the previously carried out activities.

MA 5 Research and knowledge

Identification of local olive and fig varieties and improvement of their management. New crop will be tried. Characterization of main important medicinal/aromatic local plants will be carried out.


MA 6 Promotion and dissemination

Promotion and dissemination activities inside and outside Egypt